Could You, Would You Sell Your Child? For $100 a month?


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How can a Mom sell away this face?

My lil Iggy Do

‘The world breaks people; afterward a few remain broken, the rest become stronger in the broken places’.

Luke 18:16 ‘But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is thekingdom ofGod’.

‘When life beats you down, keep getting back up, smiling because that shows that life and the devil haven’t taken your courage.’

I really hate to be negative but this issue has me quite torn up. What does it take for a mother (not a step-parent) to forsake his/her second -born child?                                                                                                                                                                                What kind of person does it take to get rid of a child, a 7 year-old beautiful, blessing from God, child? An economical disaster of epic proportions? Maybe huge medical bills that run into the 100’s of thousands of dollars? Bankruptcy? None of these!! Just $100 a month in child support.

Could it be she’s of the demon-possessed, evil, wicked, selfish kind? Or is there more to this story that unfolded about one week ago; or less? Actually there is more to it, but not ‘more money’-wise. And we may not know all and certainly don’t understand. The mother of this child, and my step-daughter, has signed away all her rights as a parent to save THE $100 a month she pays in child support. That’s right; you read this right, the mother has tossed this/ her (now)ex-child to the gutter, kicked her to the curb, to save the $100 a month she was paying us in child support. And that amount won’t pay the day-care that we pay for this precious 7 year old. And a sweeter child you cannot find, I might add.

To top it all off, her 2ND and current husband is a preacher. Yes, a preacher that pretty much allows his precious one to do anything she cares to do. A preacher who works 2 jobs so they can have a decent home. Will this $100 they will save, help them out financially? Think about it. $3 a day, that’s it.

Some people; lots of people make their kids their Realigion. They worship them as idols. The ground they walk on is sacred to one or both of the parents.  These children can do no wrong. If anything gets out of whack; at school, etc., then it must be the teacher’s fault or maybe the principal’s, but not the child’s. All of us know parents like these. They will fight the world over their (they think) perfect little ones. This is extreme, the other way; the parents here don’t usually discipline their kids at all and things seem to be fine until the child grows up and many times forsake the parents that have spoiled them to death. This turns out to be literal in many cases. Not so with this case in point. The extreme here goes the other way and the kids are just bragging rights, nothing more.

When God (Yahuah, YahWeh) gets done with them for committing this travesty, they’ll be lucky (yes lucky, because they won’t be blessed anymore) to be able to buy an extra Pepsi or Coke. I thought I knew this man-of God, her husband, to be a good man but I have lost what respect I had for him. Of course, he and she have two that they have brought into the world and she has a 9 year-old that’s a full-blooded sister to the one she threw away last week. I know that step-parents, in many cases, aren’t as good to the step-children as they are to their own blood children; at least that’s what I’ve seen happen in my lifetime. But, I thought her NEW husband, our son-in-law, was different than the well-known, stereo-typed step-father who beat the proverbial red-headed step child every chance he had.

When my children were small, I was paying out half of what I brought home in child support. I also got them every other week-end and spent time and more money on them. We had some good times together- fishing at the lake, going to the beach for a week, once a year. I looked at the child support as a necessary evil that I was going to have to rise above, and I did. I would have never, NEVER have signed away my children, although there’s one that I have had second thoughts on that, given a bit of hind-sight. As a matter of fact, my step-daughter’s dad and grandmother tried to pressure us/ my wife, the step-daughter’s mother into signing her rights away when she was young, but I had a hissy-fit, telling her that would be a decision that she would live to regret. I, having been a part of this step-parent bias thing while growing up, swore that I would do my best to treat a step-child of mine as good as my own, if I ever had any; and I did. My step-daughter was with us, her mom and me, every week-end, along with her little sister whom we had all the time. Plus, she almost always went along on vacation with us and had a ball with her sister and step-siblings, five in all.

For over 6 years my wife and I had these two girls, since the younger one was just under a year old. How we got them was that we had received a call from the children’s aunt telling us that the two very young little girls were playing in the yard of a well-known crack-house, while their parents- my step-daughter and her husband were partying like it was 1999 and paying the kids no attention. The baby didn’t even have an extra diaper when we went and picked them up. I should have known then that the children were last on the parents’ (Momma’s too) list of preferred things to be seeing about. The courts gave us full custody, legal and physical, while the parents were doing their thing.                      Then the parents would wan to get these children and take them to the Medicare office to get their help. We refused and that was the start of a long battle with the parents, especially the father, who was (and still is, as far as I know) a drugged-out, thief and thug. The mother got straightened out and joined the Army. But the Army doesn’t make them better people or parents. Just soldiers, good soldiers (no disrespect intended to our military). I have seen the older child snuggle up to her mom when she came home on leave, but the mom (my step-daughter) would tell her to move over; all she cared about was texting, talking by phone to or emailing her boyfriend. This child was begging for love from her mom, which she didn’t receive.

The older child only wanted to be with her Mom, even tho Mom didn’t show her any affection and this became a major problem for us. Her behavior became intolerable. Nothing would do but for her to go live with Mom.  So…, after Mom got married again, having another child and pregnant with another, she allowed her first-born to go live with them to help with the two smaller children, when they settled in Kansas. That was over a year and a half ago and soon after, we allowed this child’s part of the child support to be dropped. AND last year, they got mad with us because we would not make the younger 6-year old sister (the one we still have) go with them toKansas. Maybe that had something to do with it, but they held no grudges or harbored no ill feelings, as far as we knew. Now, the Mom’s grandmother was another story. It seems that the paternal side of that family has always had their favorites. The grandmother of my step-daughter who had had a loving relationship with the younger child, no longer called to talk to her, or to invite this child over, even though she lives about 5 miles from us. She had alienated this child who didn’t understand why her MeMa didn’t ask her over anymore. MeMa never picked up the phone to ask how her great grand-child was anymore. As far as the grandmother goes, the sun rises and sets on my step-daughter and she can do no wrong. I’m saying that EVEN if she killed one or more of the kids- like Susan Smith;  her grandmother would completely understand and not hold it against her. Now, this grandmother must be part of the problem, but she and the step-daughter only see it as a solution to a child that does them no good.

I wonder what do they plan to do when they realize we still have full rights to the sister that went toKansasto be with her Mom, but wanted to stay home with us last year when they visited. But that was not to be, her first-born was helping take care of the 2 babies. When the Child Support Agency renews the contract, we don’t plan to interfere when they decide that the step-daughter owes child support on the first-born daughter. Will she sell this child out too? Why wouldn’t she? Has the Mom, my step-daughter not figured out that when she signed away the child; she also signed away us as her family.

Needless to say, my wife is mad enough to spit. She does not understand how her daughter could treat this child we have, of hers, as if she were property to sell off like in a garage sale. This little, sweet, good-hearted child is not a horse that you sell to cut expenses. But that was what happened. My step-daughter would have been the woman that told Solomon to cut the baby in half. And, that wasn’t easy for me to say; it’s just the truth. I’ve never seen her show any of the four children any affection. All she cares about is herself. And if she had been in the same predicament as the Susan Smith that drowned her kids; I believe she would have done the same.

What would it take for you to write your 7 year-old daughter or son off. Could you sell her or him for $25 a week? $100 a month as she did? Think about what it would take to sell your kids off. Could you for $1,000 a month, $10,000 a month? Am I getting close? I wouldn’t/ couldn’t have sold mine for Donald Trump’s money, I don’t think. I just couldn’t have lived with myself. I truly loved my children and I enjoyed being with them every chance I got. And I couldn’t do a whole lot with them money-wise because of the almost $800 I paid in CS, but we were happy then. After 3, 4 years, they had a small TV in each of their rooms- the girls shared a room and the boys shared one.

I do have an estranged, 30 year old daughter that named her first-born, Legion, to get at me as a Christian; and she never misses a chance to try and rile the others against me, but it’s nothing but her giving her all, selling out to/for satan. She’s the prodigal daughter that may come around one day, but pinning such a handle on an innocent child- I’m just speechless.   Exodus 20:12 Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

It goes to show that you can do your best by your children and that may not be enough. It’s not the same world that it was 30 or 50 years ago. In the last days, God’s Word warns- Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Here’s the Real kicker; my step-daughter, while her husband is off in basic training this summer, still planned on coming home-here, with the rest of her accepted family while dissing the one child that deserves her love the most. I know in my heart that she would treat the child that stays with us as an outsider; and why not? She is no longer a part of her family, so why would she even attempt a relationship/ loving or otherwise with the foreign one now. She would do this- using our home as a base to come and go as she pleased, expecting us to keep the other 3 for her; and going to eat at her grandma’s, get money from her grandma, doing what she pleases while ignoring the child that has become ours. AND, she acts like she doesn’t understand our rage at how she could do such a thing. Like I said before, the grandma has shown no interest in the little one since the step-daughter and family minus one, left last summer. Well, my wife’s daughter will not come to our home and mistreat any of the children, much less the one that calls us Mom and Daddy- But, in the past,  when the bio-Mom came around, then we were MeMe and PaPa. She still loves her sorry Mom and that’s why her Mom has signed us, her family off too.

We haven’t told the child; we don’t know how. The Mom can just go set her base up somewhere else, when she comes home this summer, though we hope she doesn’t come home. But if she does, and probably will, she has 2 aunts- one here and one, a hundred miles away at the beach. She can take turns staying between their houses. She may get by without paying child support for a while- the best we can figure about 6 to 9 months until they re-evaluate and they don’t go by where the child is; they’ll go by who has custody. We still have custody of the first-born, just as we do with the one that lives here. What goes around always comes around and when they settle on child support for the other child, we’ll see how long it’ll take for her to sell her other child, the first born for whatever amount it may be. Until then, we will pray that her eyes be opened to how she treats her own blood children. And to see and wonder til then, how her husband will take this new decision to dump yet one more child, in the near future, because of cs. In addition, the come around, go around part is going to happen very soon as we plan to write her off and out of our lives. We will sell out her inheritance, just as she sold away her child- lock, stock and barrel. But I want the barrel part to be pointed in her direction, at least until she, if she, learns her lesson on how to treat others, especially her own. Like my grandmother used to tell me- ‘God don’t like ugly, and you can only get by with such for so long.’


Do people go straight to Heaven, Hell? Or are the Dead still Dead, and buried?


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Where are the souls?

Dead and Buried, for many years

The following post is of a topic that goes against the grain of what I have believed for many years, and what most people continue to believe today. I’ve always depended upon the preachers’ sermons to enlighten me on most of what I would come to believe and think I knew. What I studied was mostly laid out very neatly for me and as long as I didn’t stray too much from that, I was okay, for the most part. When I did get away and into the Bible for myself, much of it confused me. The reason for this is that what I was taught was so ingrained in me, I just consoled myself with the notion that we aren’t supposed to understand all that’s written in God’s Word. After so many years of that kind of consolation, I found out that most of the Bible can be explained and all the Bible is true.

Now it’s time to get into the land of Biblical controversy. This will likely as not reduce what little popularity I may have, but it must be done/ said. I must do the will of God. There are many doctrines being taught that are not biblical; and the subject of going straight to your reward or your punishment after death fits right in there. When studying the Bible and its doctrines, one MUST take in the whole Bible and all scriptures pertaining to a subject instead of hanging onto one scripture that seems to say what one desires it to. Or maybe one parable that’s as most parables- they are to be taken as allegory teaching and not literary. Trying to make the Word of God fits your needs is so wrong and it is definitely not God’s will.

How we get here to start with-

Genesis 2: 7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul (or being).

AND when we die-

Ecclesiastes 12: 7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

The spirit (the breathe of life) returns to God, whether the person is righteous or wicked.

James 2: 26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Job 27: 3 All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils;

Further evidence that the spirit is the breathe of life, it has no feelings, wisdom or life in itself.

The soul is Really our living being and the soul can and does die. Even animals have souls. The soul is a combination of body PLUS the breath of life. And the breath of life goes back to God upon death.

Revelation 16: 3 And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.

When people turn God’s Word around to suit others’ needs/wants, it makes the rest of the Bible harder to understand, especially for those that don’t study it very much or keep an open mind. Case in point-this one. When people believe that when someone dies, they instantly go to their after-life destination, the scriptures that say otherwise are confusing to them. And if people go to Heaven or hell right after death, what or who is left to be caught up upon Jesus’ return? Some preach that their souls go to Heaven and await the rest of themselves to join up in the resurrection. That’s not in the Bible.

John 5: 28 Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,

29 And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.

Acts 2: 29 Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his sepulchre is with us unto this day.

34 For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand,

According to the Bible people do not go to heaven or hell when they die, they remain in their graves TO AWAIT the resurrections. And contrary to popular belief and many religions, the dead do not communicate, nor are they aware of anything on this earth. With that being said, I’ll save this topic for another time, another post in my blog.

Job 14: 12 So man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep.

21 His sons come to honour, and he knoweth it not; and they are brought low, but he perceiveth it not of them.

Ecclesiastes 9: 5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

6 Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.

In all of Jesus’ teachings, he never said that when people died they would go to their rewards. Doesn’t that seem just a little odd that people believe so strongly in a doctrine that was never taught by Jesus. We must as Christians do as Jesus would or at least what He taught during His many sermons- WWJD? He did however teach that He would be going to Heaven to get ready for us when we arrived after the resurrection at His second coming.

John 14: 2-In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

The only Real scripture that people use to back up their belief that we will all go to our reward or punishment upon death is the one where Jesus was dying on the cross and the men on either side were talking to Him. The one was remorseful of his wrongdoings and wanted forgiveness/ acceptance. Jesus spoke to him.

Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Now if Jesus meant that, He would have told an untruth, because Jesus didn’t go to paradise that day. But Jesus does not tell and didn’t tell an untruth. On Sunday, Jesus told Mary-

John 20: 17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

The Real truth is that punctuation in the Bible is not inspired as the writing is and the comma was added in translation. Let’s move the comma behind the ‘Today’, as it should have been, to get another entire meaning- “Verily I say unto thee today, thou shalt be with me in paradise.” This little change in the translation changes what He says from meaning ‘today’ to ‘sometime in the future’. This should be read as- he will go when we all, who are saved, go to paradise after the resurrection. Jesus will set up His kingdom at His second coming, and all the Righteous will enter in at that time. That is the promise we hold on to.

My Second Favorite Pasttime- Gold Prospecting


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informal: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group [count] ▪ Hockey is a religion in Canada.▪ Politics are a religion to him. [noncount] ▪ Where I live, high school football is religion.▪ Food is religion in this house.

Therefore, in Real-ity, prospecting for gold is a religion of mine. So, this time I thought I’d change up a bit and let y’all in on my second favorite hobby/ pasttime. I have one or two more; fishing being my favorite, my passion. Now, this has nothing/ little to do with my realationship with Jesus Christ- because it is just that, but not ‘just’ that. My very first in this life is my relationship, and it is a relationship with God and Jesus. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, as He is with many others, but I do not consider it a religion. A religion can just be too many things to too many people.

I picked up my hobby of gold panning, prospecting as an exercise to help strengthen my back muscles; because of my chronic back pain. They got stronger, but I had to pay dearly for every trip I made to the (I’m gonna call them the) Gold Mountains. Pain, with all caps!! These mountains are a huge area of, mostly untamed wilderness. It was my aim (and still pretty much is) to come out from the creeks up there with a full 5 gallon bucket of ‘gold material/dirt’. On a good day, I could do just a bit more, like another half a 5 gallon bucket full.

First, it’s best to wait until November, December before going in. That way, mosttimes, the leaves would all be fallen off and there would usually already been a big rain to wash those leaves out of the creeks and down to the river. Besides, after the summer is good and gone, there are Very few people coming and/ or going. But you need to wait for a big rain, a wash-out, to break loose any gold that was left untouched. And, in my case, I would pick out what I thought was a good , gold-bearing creek, park by the road and get my tools. The tools consist of 2- 1 1/2- 2 gallon buckets and a curved trenching shovel with a long handle. And don’t foeget to put your cell in your pocket; that way it’s safe, unless you fall in the creek or river. I learned the hard way by dropping, without noticing, my phone in the creek and continuing on with my venture. I’ve also fallen into the river while it was 30 dgrees F. outside. Yeah, lots of fun.

I’d take my tools and walk Up the creek. When I got about half as far as I planned to go, I’d drop off one of the small buckets. Then I’d walk maybe another 1/4 mile up the creek and work my way back. The object is to dig as little as you have to, but get down to a large solid rock, no more than a foot down. Then dig out a couple of scoops of that material and empty it into your bucket. Go a ways down the creek, do it again. The first bucket will be full after about 3 diggings. Then you can carry that little bucket on the handle end and throw it over your shoulder. You simply repeat this with the other bucket you left halfway and when you get back with both buckets (very heavy because the gold-bearing material is wet), you dump them into the 5 gallon bucket. Oh yeah, you cannot fill either small bucket to the brim for you’ll lose a third while walking back, with some always trickling down your back.

Be sure to have a lid for the 5 gallon bucket, so you can fill it all the way up, and it helps if you’re in a pick-up because when you get toward the top, it sloshes a lot as you pour in your material. There may be rules limiting you to one or two 5 gallon buckets, if you’re lucky or blessed enough to be in a place that allows even that. So, when you get your limit, you need to sluice the material to get the bad stuff and larger stuff out of your material. Then you’ll wind up with about 1/5th to 1/8th of what you started with. Then comes the fun part. The average 1 gallon left from 5 gallons has to be panned, by hand. Hopefully you’ll have some gold flecks or placer gold in most of the pans or this turns into a non-paying chore. And if you don’t have a sluice, then you will have to wash-screen off the large stuff until you have the material small enough to pan. I usually get some gold in every pan, but I had to find out how to get the good material. And, as with me, it’s always the hard way.

I have a home-made sluice at home and a small hobby-size  sluice at our lake place. You really have to be prepared when you are trying to get gold, so you can tie up 2 – 5 hundred dollars in small-time tools, such as the sluice(s), a pick-hammer (hammer-size), a metal-detector, sluices, screens, scoops, buckets, small bottles to suck the gold up into, magnets, magnifying glasses, a pouch or two to put small, interesting rocks into. Since I built my own sluice, I’ll have to post another time with directions on how to build one at a cost of about 20 dollars. The one I bought is a top of the line one, that you can atually carry into the creek and sluice the material right there on the spot. It costs about $200. You should be able to find one on EBay for half that. I lucked up and met an old-timer who bought one and never used it, nor wanted to. I got it for half.

Unless you really luck up and find a Nice nugget ot two, you’ll want to consider this a hobby that pays you back some. If you have to drive a few miles, and you will, then it can get expensive. Another thing is you will have to invest time in finding out certain facts. Check with the officials to find out about their rules/ laws. Some places allow you to use a metal detector, some won’t. Some allow taking of material, some don’t. Others allow sluicing on the spot, some don’t. For many, this hobby will have to be a vacaion thing, because most people who are interested, don’t live within a reasonable driving distance.

Being I only do this during the colder months, I’ve had my share of wet cold feet, so it may behoove one to carry an extra pair of shoes and socks. I had to walk almost a quarter of a mile, once, soaking wet with it being below freezing outside. That was fun; a wonder I didn’t catch my death of something. But, being out in the fresh air, with no others around, except maybe a raccoon or possum, maybe a bear, there’s nothing like it. The exercise is un-matchable. And it’s almost always some kind of adventure. You may find some interesting rock or get bitten by a copperhead snake like I did fall before last. Yes, I was out in the middle of nowhere with no signal. And yes, I still do it, at least once a month. I have a few buckets of material I haven’t even sluiced yet, so I have plenty to do and plenty of panning to do yet. I also do what’s called rock-hounding-where instead of digging material, I go looking for interesting rocks, artifacts.

I have found immense pleasure in my gold-prospecting and rock-hounding. There are many palces anyone can go to do some rock hounding and you could be pleasantly surprised to find things of old, things of value. All this while getting back to nature, being one with nature/ getting close to God. It would be best if you could find a camp-site near one of these places and really enjoy what God has allowed us. Nature has much to share even in the winter. Really, there’s nothing like it.

Can it get any better than this?

About Me, Capn Richard, wannabe Blogger

This was one of 3, 4 posts that were lost, Really mysteriously, while finishing up. So.. since then I have invested time into a little protection, as in copying, pasting into Word, starting at an estimated one third point. All right, let’s get on with the re-writing of the lost and forgotten blog post. One of my firsts of all, right here.

    Capn Richard has been my handle for years- goes way back about 6, 7 years as far as blogging is concerned. I first started blogging at Greta-Wire, before it was called Greta-Wire. I posted different topics about Christianity, the prophecies, scriptures from the Bible; with translations, if needed. About the dwindling numbers of Real Christians, while most people were/are actually looking for something to better their lives. Oh yeah, Greta-Wire is on/online and comes from the show on Fox News- ‘On The Record with Greta Van Susteren’. I had gotten to, well almost celebrity status- I had a lot of followers, regular ones who asked about my whereabouts if I missed more than 2 nights. My problem with that was, I was promoting God (Yahuah, Yah-Weh) as the One who should be getting the glory when many who claimed to be Christian, didn’t seem to get that. But these same followers could have made me some money, if that had been my goal. And they were such good people, many with knowledge of God’s Word, who would watch my six and many times would step in to defend me against a knowledgable heathen or two, of which I had my share and fill of. But, being never afraid nor intimidated, I always enjoyed those battles; of which I had many – I had something to back up what I said, the Bible, God’s Holy Word. I thank God for those days and those people, who with my leadership, I hope, became better Christians for it. I know I became a better person because of those people-both good and bad.

     I still miss those days. If I hadn’t quit, I may be worth some serious money now plus have a probable major flock to look over. The truth is, half anyway, that Greta-Wire started censoring my material. I was unaware of any policy against speaking/ writing about certain religions, such as Chritanity. It might’ve been better on me and my freedoms if I had been writing about Islam. At first; I mean after close to a year of writing freely, the admins of Greta-Wire would just take out parts of my post, then as if they had expected me to quit or back off on the ‘sensitive’ materials, whole posts of mine started disappearing, just like they did here where I’m posting now, did at first. I had two choices- to quit entirely or to back off from what my ‘calling from God’ was, and that was and is to spread the gospel (about Jesus’ dying on the cross for all our sins), the ‘WORD’ (God’s Word i.e. all scripture from the Holy Bible). Of course I chose the former for I wasn’t about backing off. My favorite quote was ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’. So true.

      Capn Richard, the handle, comes from my many years of piloting boats- from a 12 foot, almost dinghy kinda fishing boat to a 10 foot ski boat, 22- 28 foot pontoons, to a 50 footer Shrimping vessel, called a Shrimper but so is the ‘man’ who shrimps,  used for marine research at cape Fear Tech. I have been known as Capn Dick, but these days that name gets no respect; a lot like Rodney Dangerfield, RIP. Even when piloting my step-father’s boat I insisted on being respected as being Captain of the vessel. Some, like my kids made a joke about it many times, but while they were aboard, their lives were in my capable hands; capable because even at that time of being grown w/kids,  I had been driving (and sometimes racing) boats, mostly my step-father’s, for 12-14 years. Their jest was that I didn’t own the boat, so I couldn’t be ‘Captain’. Not so, even if I was ‘Capn-pro temp’, I was still in charge, and no one could take my place, therefore I was The Captain, Capn for short. My boating experience, experiences should be saved for another complete post, so it will be.

          I’ve been a Christian since I was 25, off and on, meaning that I went through periods of being in a ‘backslidfden position’, where I strayed far from God, took to drinking beer in quantity, and even swearing some. But I drew the line at saying ‘God d__n’, that was bad, in my mind, because you were asking God to curse someone or to damn them to hell- an eternal punishment; at least I thought eternal at that time. I also drew the line at ‘infidelity’, although lusting after women was common for me. And it is still a problem I have to keep close watch, pardon the pun Please, on. The lusting part can be Really bad- adultery and fornication both are considered not only sins, but abominations in God’s eyes, so He does not look, for God will not look upon sin- it is so far below His nature, His being; as far as I can de-cipher from His Word. The parts of my life spent/ wasted in a back-slidden condition usually lasted no more than 3, 4 years- a life-time when God is always working on you, dealing with your heart strings, wanting you to leave satan’s family and come back home. So over half my life, altogether, since age 25, has been in following/ living for God(Yahuah, YahWeh) and trying to do His will for my life. I pray He approves of most of it, for I wasn’t brought up in a Christian environment. It was the contrary- my family as dysfunctional towards my brother and me, worshipped the little sisters.  And their money; which Satan allowed them to grow like weeds, was always what took the place of an altar. I do so thank God for allowing me to live through several incidents that could have easily been the end of my pitiful life.

    I’ve always loved writing, so this blogging thing is right up my alley. My love for it started while I was in high school. I wrote a piece, after researching as much as I could back in the 70’s, on ‘Bigfoot’. I Really regret not taking typing while in high school, for I have had to learn typing the hard, and wrong way. I used to be plagued with homo­-phobia, so I stayed away from anything sissyish and typing class was just that, to me. So, I cut off my future (could be writing) to spite my (keeping) face.

    That’s another whole blog, the way I despised homosexuality and how wrong it is. How a person can betray his/ her own biology, the way God meant it to be and the way sex is supposed to be, is beyond my understanding or Really caring to.  No matter how you look at it, if you look honestly, there is no way it makes sense and people are not born that way, I do not care what the anti-God, and/or the liberal people say or do.

       Well, we have to finish somewhere, although my writings always lead to another place of interest. My blog URL will be or most likely That’s where I get capitalizing every word that is starts with ‘real’ such as Real, Really, or Real-ity.  It’s starting to get Really late and I have to preview, maybe do some fixing, and publish this work. But, being I’m writing for the Lord, it’s not work, it’s a pleasure. And it’s all good, or is it?

Something or everything?


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    Over 80% of Americans claim to be Christian. But are they Real Christians, as in practicing the faith everyday? I don’t think so. In polls Americans seldom even recognize God as being number one in their lives, and that’s the kicker. A Real Christian puts God above all else in this world. Even above their spouses. They believe what the original, usually the King James or the New King James version, Bible teaches. Word for word. There is a religion or many religions that are put  into the same arena as Christian, but these depend upon works as being the path or one of the paths to God and Heaven. And that’s the differences in being a Christian and just claiming that title when it’s beneficial somehow. Real Christians don’t depend upon works, or do not try and earn their way to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. And they don’t depend upon just any Bible or a book that replaces the Bible as their guides.

As a fact, Real Christians do not have the religion of Christianity; they, he/she looks to, leans on and prays to God through and by the mediator Jesus Christ, and in His name. These actually have a relationship with Jesus Christ and don’t Really consider what they have with Him as being a religion. Here we find where the 80% drops to around 10% of our population. And with the world changing so rapidly, the technologies we have and own, more people are putting the God of our creation, our lives and the Creator of our rights as human beings, on the back burner in lieu of something elsem in their lives. Or worse, they quit or never Really started putting God first, and then He isn’t even on one of their life’s burners. Herein lies what is the main factor of being/ not being a Real Christian- when God is your everything, your no. 1, and never far from your thoughts. So, when the question arises about being a Christian you should consider whether God is something you hear about sometimes and think that you believe in Him Or does everything in your life revolve around God, having at some known time, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour for His giving up His life on the cross; to be everyone’s everything. And when God is that much of your life, you have to, Really, communicate or pray to Him Really regularly, desiring above all else to be active as a family member, with God being the only, true Father. God Bless.

Does Writing have Life?


(pasted from Word)   the last post Was conveniently lost! It was NOT my Doing!

‘The world breaks people; afterward a few remain broken, the rest become stronger in the broken places’.

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’

‘Only the strong survive’

‘When life beats you down, keep getting back up, w/ your best smile because that shows that life and the devil haven’t taken your courage.’ Capn Richard

I’ve always enjoyed writing, well since I was a teenager and wrote an article on Bigfoot;Wildman of  British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. I did research at the library, checked out newspaper articles, etc. found in the Dewey Decimal System, and got micro-film (fiche?). Most people these days don’t even know what those things are. And, I’ve already told my age thereabouts.

A very few years later, I did a little writing on an old non-electric typewriter. Again, most on this site do not know what a real tap tap zing machine is. Unlike the electric ones, the mechanical version was all hands-on. You had to do real shifts (hold a key down and that raised the whole cartridge up and after a bit got to your finger. It’s a wonder that the old people that did their typing didn’t have severe cases of carpal-tunal syndrome. Maybe, no, they probably did because a lot of the old, gone generation had arthritis in their hands; not just from something like a typewriter, but from all the heavy manual things they had to do with their hands, like handling ice blocks (for the fridge, but that’s where ‘ice-box’ came from, the container that held a block of ice in the top and kept your food fairly fresh for a few days), chopping wood with an axe or hatchet, hauling water from the ‘crick’, turning the handle on the corn sheller (if that’s the right word), hauling feed for the livestock, milking the cow(s), handling hay bails, picking crops such as tobacco, and the worst- picking cotton. Again, most here have no clue.

Well, I came close to sailing off on another course, uncharted, that time. Soon after I started writing, life happened. Marriage, babies that turned into monsters in just 13 years, divorce, work, church, holidays with the family and the preparation for them; not to mention the un-preparation. No time for writing except when I returned to school at 24, at the local Technical Institute which is a Community College now. I had homework to do and rounded up an electric typewriter for myself. Now was the time I regretted taking the typing course in high school; and it was a big thing back then (is it now? It’s called keyboarding now, right?) for anyone leaning toward a business career. And back in the mid-eighties, the first computer courses were offered. Of course, my infinite wisdom told me that craziness would never get off the ground- I still think about giving myself a good swift kick in the rear part of the pants. The ‘craziness’ is alive and well and kicking and doing many things- from good to Really bad and anything in between.

After I got my diploma in Electrical Installation and Maintenance-two years, four nights weekly, life got a hold of me again; and, once again, wearing on me. I was expecting my second child; the first with my new wife. Child support, bills, mortgage on the house I built a couple years earlier, at age 25; one car payment, together they added up and there were no jobs, even for people with trades, like myself. I had to take a job in Charlotte, a 2 hour commute each way and many times we worked 50, 60 hours a week. Charlotte, at the time was booming, and still is to a lesser degree. There was no time for writing, at least for another thirteen years.

I started going back to school, at night, when I was 38 yrs old, part-time, again at night. I was writing again on my brand-new computer with Windows 95, a hard drive that held 2.5 gigs, with a processor, a fast 1.20 mega-hertz that I bought at Sears on sale for $2,600. Two years and two certificates later- one in Information Systems (computer curricula, basically Windows Office), the other in Cisco Networking, I had the PC bug. I wanted to learn more. My desire was to go full-time which was during the day and take Computer Engineering Technology, a degree course. BUT, I was working maintenance by then at a plant a few miles away, and the registration was less than a month away. My wife had already signed up for the Nursing curriculum, and had a problem with my going full-time at the same time, especially because we had a 13 year-old daughter that was tending toward a wild streak; now was the time we had to keep a foot on her. I told her that I was 40 and I may not get a chance to go if I didn’t go now, but there was the other ‘but’; I couldn’t school and work both in the daytime. My wife had already quit her full-time employment and taken a part-time job being that the course she was readying for was a tough one.

Like I told her, my school mood would fall beyond repair after another two years of waiting AND getting older AND I couldn’t go anyway because I had to keep working full-time. The course I wanted to take was even tougher than the nursing one. Without a move of God, there would be no more school for me for two years. Well, it turned out, God did move in my behalf because just two weeks later a second shift production job opened up, one that I had some experience in and no one else had signed up for. After being an electrician in construction and maintenance for 20 years, I was about to change up to a job that was a lot harder than maintenance. I got the job, registered and got into the curriculum I wanted. But be careful what you ask God for, you may get it. That was the toughest 2 years of my whole life and it almost cost me/ us our marriage. There was hardly any time for writing, except the necessary, but less than little for my wife and daughter, except on the weekends and I was dog-tired, plus we had the other kids every other weekend. A danged shame; had to make time to do some writing, but got little love-making.

Even after all the writing I had to do associated with school, I never stopped loving it and, by now I could type over twenty words a minute using 2, 3 fingers. I had taught myself to type, but the wrong way. It has gotten me by and that’s what counts, I suppose. I have written 2, 3 short stories, started another 2 or 3, and had started on a book, my second one. The writings I do have to be true, because I’m not very creative. I love reading fiction, but writing it was beyond me. And, because I have gotten carried away with my writing once again, I will try to slow it up, clean it up. Maybe there’s a way I can make money with my writing, but I need to hone the skills I have. I turned two short stories in to a publisher/editor for critique. And critique he did. Unless I can get a little more creative and get some real feeling into my writings, I’ll never sell anything, at least by his standards. No hard copies.

I have improved the two stories mentioned and did some more writing, but ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’ as they say (even though it’s not in the Bible worded that way). My 6 year old laptop crashed and burned in January 2010 so badly, the geeks couldn’t get it to run long enough to get a thing from the hard drive. Five, six years of writings, documents of all kinds (even real estate ones), pictures, and music all passed away without my having a chance to say good-bye properly- by backing it all up. AND all the training, the diplomas, certificates, the degree; the typing at twenty or so words a minute, my love for writing, even Humpty-Dumpty’s men could not get one memory back. And unlike people, once a document is lost, it is dead; never to return to neither eternal life nor an eventual second death.

I lost or rather, had someone take one of my writing creations away a few nights ago. I am convinced it is the latter because of the my-point-of view religious topic it was built around. That loss was severe to me because I have lost so much of my life that had meaning. And any writing I do is so very important in that I have invested a lot of thought, some time, wear and tear on my typer and my soul, with a piece of me attached. And when one takes it away, it is lost to me; in all senses of whatever words you put to it it- it’s dead to me and I mourn, really mourn its loss. I feel like it was stolen and done away with, right in front of my eyes, for I had it on 3 browsers and every one went away when and as opened them and before I could publish the simple writing. My property, my blog was destroyed, killed, murdered, like my only brother was 6 years ago, just not as violently. If only people would think before they do any particular hurtful thing; maybe less hurtful acts would be committed and that time may then be used in a more constructive and a more caring-type act would have created something/ anything instead of the not thinking before acting, and the only production is a lack of it. This type of mentality, or lack of it only leads to an escalation of the destruction of things, entities of value of some type.