About Me, Capn Richard, wannabe Blogger

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1 thought on “About Me, Capn Richard, wannabe Blogger”

  1. This was one of 3, 4 posts that were lost, Really mysteriously, while finishing up. So.. since then I have invested time into a little protection, as in copying, pasting into Word, starting at an estimated one third point. All right, let’s get on with the re-writing of the lost and forgotten blog post. One of my firsts of all, right here.
    Capn Richard has been my handle for years- goes way back about 6, 7 years as far as blogging is concerned. I first started blogging at Greta-Wire, before it was called Greta-Wire. I posted different topics about Christianity, the prophecies, scriptures from the Bible; with translations, if needed. About the dwindling numbers of Real Christians, while most people were/are actually looking for something to better their lives. Oh yeah, Greta-Wire is on/online and comes from the show on Fox News- ‘On The Record with Greta Van Susteren’. I had gotten to, well almost celebrity status- I had a lot of followers, regular ones who asked about my whereabouts if I missed more than 2 nights. My problem with that was, I was promoting God (Yahuah, Yah-Weh) as the One who should be getting the glory when many who claimed to be Christian, didn’t seem to get that. But these same followers could have made me some money, if that had been my goal. And they were such good people, many with knowledge of God’s Word, who would watch my six and many times would step in to defend me against a knowledgable heathen or two, of which I had my share and fill of. But, being never afraid nor intimidated, I always enjoyed those battles; of which I had many – I had something to back up what I said, the Bible, God’s Holy Word. I thank God for those days and those people, who with my leadership, I hope, became better Christians for it. I know I became a better person because of those people-both good and bad.
    I still miss those days. If I hadn’t quit, I may be worth some serious money now plus have a probable major flock to look over. The truth is, half anyway, that Greta-Wire started censoring my material. I was unaware of any policy against speaking/ writing about certain religions, such as Chritanity. It might’ve been better on me and my freedoms if I had been writing about Islam. At first; I mean after close to a year of writing freely, the admins of Greta-Wire would just take out parts of my post, then as if they had expected me to quit or back off on the ‘sensitive’ materials, whole posts of mine started disappearing, just like they did here where I’m posting now, did at first. I had two choices- to quit entirely or to back off from what my ‘calling from God’ was, and that was and is to spread the gospel (about Jesus’ dying on the cross for all our sins), the ‘WORD’ (God’s Word i.e. all scripture from the Holy Bible). Of course I chose the former for I wasn’t about backing off. My favorite quote was ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’. So true.
    Capn Richard, the handle, comes from my many years of piloting boats- from a 12 foot, almost dinghy kinda fishing boat to a 10 foot ski boat, 22- 28 foot pontoons, to a 50 footer Shrimping vessel, called a Shrimper but so is the ‘man’ who shrimps, used for marine research at cape Fear Tech. I have been known as Capn Dick, but these days that name gets no respect; a lot like Rodney Dangerfield, RIP. Even when piloting my step-father’s boat I insisted on being respected as being Captain of the vessel. Some, like my kids made a joke about it many times, but while they were aboard, their lives were in my capable hands; capable because even at that time of being grown w/kids, I had been driving (and sometimes racing) boats, mostly my step-father’s, for 12-14 years. Their jest was that I didn’t own the boat, so I couldn’t be ‘Captain’. Not so, even if I was ‘Capn-pro temp’, I was still in charge, and no one could take my place, therefore I was The Captain, Capn for short. My boating experience, experiences should be saved for another complete post, so it will be.
    I’ve been a Christian since I was 25, off and on, meaning that I went through periods of being in a ‘backslidfden position’, where I strayed far from God, took to drinking beer in quantity, and even swearing some. But I drew the line at saying ‘God d__n’, that was bad, in my mind, because you were asking God to curse someone or to damn them to hell- an eternal punishment; at least I thought eternal at that time. I also drew the line at ‘infidelity’, although lusting after women was common for me. And it is still a problem I have to keep close watch, pardon the pun Please, on. The lusting part can be Really bad- adultery and fornication both are considered not only sins, but abominations in God’s eyes, so He does not look, for God will not look upon sin- it is so far below His nature, His being; as far as I can de-cipher from His Word. The parts of my life spent/ wasted in a back-slidden condition usually lasted no more than 3, 4 years- a life-time when God is always working on you, dealing with your heart strings, wanting you to leave satan’s family and come back home. So over half my life, altogether, since age 25, has been in following/ living for God(Yahuah, YahWeh) and trying to do His will for my life. I pray He approves of most of it, for I wasn’t brought up in a Christian environment. It was the contrary- my family as dysfunctional towards my brother and me, worshipped the little sisters. And their money; which Satan allowed them to grow like weeds, was always what took the place of an altar. I do so thank God for allowing me to live through several incidents that could have easily been the end of my pitiful life.
    I’ve always loved writing, so this blogging thing is right up my alley. My love for it started while I was in high school. I wrote a piece, after researching as much as I could back in the 70’s, on ‘Bigfoot’. I Really regret not taking typing while in high school, for I have had to learn typing the hard, and wrong way. I used to be plagued with homo¬-phobia, so I stayed away from anything sissyish and typing class was just that, to me. So, I cut off my future (could be writing) to spite my (keeping) face.
    That’s another whole blog, the way I despised homosexuality and how wrong it is. How a person can betray his/ her own biology, the way God meant it to be and the way sex is supposed to be, is beyond my understanding or Really caring to. No matter how you look at it, if you look honestly, there is no way it makes sense and people are not born that way, I do not care what the anti-God, and/or the liberal people say or do.
    Well, we have to finish somewhere, although my writings always lead to another place of interest. My blog URL will be http://Realijun.com or most likely http://Realijun.me. That’s where I get capitalizing every word that is starts with ‘real’ such as Real, Really, or Real-ity. It’s starting to get Really late and I have to preview, maybe do some fixing, and publish this work. But, being I’m writing for the Lord, it’s not work, it’s a pleasure. And it’s all good, or is it?

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