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Ricki with a hair band on

Always lookin for the camera

Here I am again talking about the injustice of a child. My little girl. Her real mom and great-grand-mother care nothing for her but they bend over backwards for her big sister. Favoritism at its worst is what these people are about. It matters not a bit that they hurt this little girl to the heart all through the past year, the celebrated queen has come home to add to the lying, scheming intentional hurting. As a matter of my belief and probably fact, I swear (if I swore) that they are doing it on purpose.

Just as I opined before, I’m going to drive the position home that these people, and this includes the real mother’s husband of 3, 4 years, don’t care if they break a little girl’s heart and they’re intentionally doing so. They definitely have no qualms about using a child to get back at a grown-up; namely my wife and me. The real Mother(the queen in her own eyes and the Walters clan), but I’m going to stress NOT the ‘Mom’, likes to think the world revolves around herself. Her grandmother reinforces her beliefs, enabling the mother’s vain behavior. As does the wimpy husband, a black man, fromAfrica, who believes he has the catch of a lifetime in this pretty (only skin deep) woman. He, for the spoken reasons and other reasons unknown and unbelievable to me, lets her run the gammit of anything she desires to do. He Will not speak up against her and therefore is not the man of the house. Now that goes against his and God’s wills because he is a chaplin in the Army, just graduated.  A man of God MUST be the head of his own household and in this, he miserably falls too short.

I am a house-husband who has been disabled for about 7 years. My wife, the ‘Mom’ of the child, but really the grandmother, works as a nurse at a hospital making decent money, twice what I make with G.E. disability and Social Security. But she is not the head of the house and she knows it. We have disagreements, as all married couples do, and she doesn’t always back down, but when it Really comes down to some important issue, I make the final decision(s). And when Betty is wrong, I tell her so. And vice-versa.  But, again, the final say is, usually mine. If I was an Army Chaplain, I wouldn’t have allowed the little strip of a bikini his supposed Christian wife was wearing at the beach- and she was proud of herself in those pictures. They had many more pictures of themselves than of the children- they have two small ones and she has, biologically, two from her first husband, counting the one 8 year-old that we have had since she was 10 months old.

This wish-I-was-queen’s preacher husband will stand before God one day for not standing up to his wife and correcting her. All sins come from one or more of the lusts and/or pride.   15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.  17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. This wimpy (queen’s) hubby has sold his soul, not for riches, but to have and display his trophy white wife for all the world to see; even allowing her to display much more of her skin, in public, than he knows is right before a righteous God/ our Father.

Now let’s get back to the in justice, cruelty, abuse that this ‘mother’ and ‘grandmother’ have inflicted upon my little girl; probably to get back at me. First they were/ are still mad with me over something trivial. So, these ‘people’ most likely planned how they would hurt this innocent and good-hearted child. Then again, they may have seen the opportunity to hurt her as the situation occurred.

Last week, the couple were to have renewed their vows and all 4 children had a part in it. That much went good, thank God. But, sometime after their wedding, they, with the ‘grandmother’ promised little Ricki a Birthday Party before the week was over down at the beach. The folks had not had the party as of the day before they were to leave. Little Ricki asked about her party several times and got some kind of excuse every time. I had told her not to count on that party; as hard as it was for me to tell her that. They all came home the next day, but their party promise had changed to, “We have 2 gifts for you that we’ll give you when we get home. This was last Thursday. I got Ricki Thurday afternoon and took her to the lake cabin we have. It was soo.. hot that she was having ‘fits’ to go swimming as soon as we got there and after I fixed a cooler with drinks, got towels and sunscreen, snacks, and then unlocked the golf cart. Within an hour of getting to our cabin, we were in the water at the place there called ‘the beach’ because of the white sand they had put down there.

As long as I kept her busy, I didn’t hear anything negative from her. And as of this time I had only heard that they were supposed to give her a birthday party, but since they had not done it, I knew that they most likely would not. We mostly stayed in the water that day, and kept her until the next day when her aunt and uncle, who love her much, picked her up to keep until late Saturday afternoon. Ricki had just spent almost a week with them 2 weeks before.

When I picked her up last Saturday afternoon, early eve, she slept the whole hour home and it was hot, hot outside. Sunday, my back was killing me, so we stayed home from church. For the next 2 days, Ricki talked about her birthday party and on Monday, I told her that she was probably not going to get one. Her feelings are so easy to be hurt, she cried and cried (breaking my heart); but then she started talking about two gifts that her real mother (the queen) and ‘grandmother’ said she had from the beach trip. Even though I knew she wouldn’t get any gifts, I said nothing that day or the next. Saturday night, my wife, Ricki’s Mom called her daughter (the queen) to see about the gifts- she was told that her grandma had them and she would get them. On Monday, Ricki went swimming with the kids at the hotel swimming pool, it was still hot. Ricki and Leann’s aunt Kim wanted to get Leann for a night or two, but we knew Ricki would be crying to go also, so we let Ricki go; and when she asked about her 2 presents, my wife called that night to talk to their ‘mother’, but couldn’t get her to answer so she left a stern message, something like, “E____, you need to get the presents y’all promised Ricki, she’s been crying over them for a while now.”  (BUT, that, I believe was their intention) Well… because they took off for a day trip toAtlantaand did not return our call, we knew they were either mad with us or didn’t have the promised gifts/ probably both.

Because Leann had to be back Tuesday morning, we allowed Ricki to go back with her aunt Kim. As long as she is with Kim and Jimmy, she is happy; and if the gifts show up, that’ll be very good, but it’s Wednesday night when I’m writing this and, once again, we haven’t heard anything from these ‘people’. They all, but ‘grandma’ have to go back toKansastomorrow. It is almost 12 midnight as I am finishing up on ‘Word’ and we have not heard from them at all today.

I know they are around, but I cannot fathom any type of human being that doesn’t mind hurting children, How low is someone that will promise a child a birthday party (late, about a week) days before they have to leave and plan everything but a party. And how about the presents that they told this 8 year-old little girl they had for her? To me, it would take some devil-infested person, like the ‘Legion’ in the Bible, to do a little girl, or boy for that matter, that kind of injustice. How low can you go? Not any lower than these people. Whether they have presents for her (probably not, because it would be worse to have them and let her think for a week that she doesn’t- then again that would be worse, so maybe they had them all along) or not, she hasn’t gotten them and they go home today.

As mad as I was this afternoon, it would not have been good if I happened upon these sorry people. I may have been in jail now; but then, maybe they’d let me do some blogging with my laptop while in there. BUT, there would be some sore heads and asses when I got done- not that it would do any good; but it would give me plenty to pray about, as if I don’t now.

‘Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.’     Romans 12:19 This is the one that keeps me out of  trouble; at least physical, but the spiritual battle rages on. How do people make it without having the Father above to help them along?

Capn Richard