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Why and How Many Illegals commit other Illegal actions??- Because they can!

Now that I have answered the issue in the Title, for the most part, the reasons WHY the illegal aliens commit other illegal actions- crimes for short, I can go on with my story and experience with some illegal Latino immigrants (I’m trying to be politically correct here).

I’m not a racist. I have no ulterior motives against or for the Latinos; but I do have a problem with our letting ANY class of people who have broken the law continue life here in America as if they are just as legal as we citizens (having been born here with a heritage). They are carrying on daily duties as if they’ve done nothing wrong. And to hear those from the far left tell it, the Latino-illegals have done no wrong whatsoever. I was raised and taught that ‘illegal’ means outside the boundaries of being legal and that it’s a crime. I was also taught that any crime should be punishable to the full extent of the law in court. There are many that reside here in the United States who live and act fine and legal because there are multitudes who stand up for them, attempting to bind the hands of the police and any enforcers of law. And it’s working. Most officials behave as if being Latino makes one above the immigration laws.

AND they are farther breaking the law by driving without licenses. Maybe they figure that they can do anything illegal with no repercussions. My summer has been ruined by one 17 year old, maybe texting (because we pay for all their medical aid and food stamps, we give them cell phones too.) while driving. Anyway, she was trying to run the red light by going through the open lane while I was pulling out on the green light. She never attempted to hit the brakes, and burrowed her Chevy Malibu into the front left side of my Trail Blazer, which I love. Neither vehicle was drivable; I got injured when it slammed me against the door. My 7 year old said she wasn’t hurt because she was scared to go to the hospital, but carried a seat belt mark on her side and shoulder for a week. My bruise was almost as large as a basketball on my left side. Once again, this story is to be continued. More to come about my missing a large part of my summer and how these Latinos behaved after the wreck.

Until next time(the next post),

Capn Richard