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I named this blog- Realijun, mostly because it was intended to revolve around religion and life and troubles and victories and heart felt life circumstances, good and not-so-good. About real-life histories, personal-as in family trees and histories of grand importance, such as different scenarios that molded the development of our country.

Now after 10, 12 posts I’ve come to the conclusion that I should have named this blog RealLife.us, if I could use the .us, but there is probably already 500 RealLife’s already out there in many variations. It seemed to me that because ‘RealijunI Really thought that would be a good name and draw lots of people that would post right along with my posts. I think that the name Realijun scares a lot of people who are non-Realigious away, almost screaming, because to them that is the last thing they want to hear about and even curiousity won’t override that. And on the other side; the people who are religious are afraid they will read something that may upset their beliefs, even if it’s backed up by the Bible- the Word of God. This genre is so scattered about and so separated from other religions by their own little differences, it is the last thing they want to hear- that their denomination may not have it quite right. These are afraid that if they hear some, even very minor but different translation(s) of the Bible, they might start questioning their own denomination(s). The denomination that they inherited from their Mom, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother then might be in danger, so they don’t even check it out, again even out of curiosity, for fear of being accused of betrayal to their own little cliché.

Once again I’ve written a post, basically, without getting to my intended subject. It seems that while writing, I go a little overboard. Or to the extreme, Really. Now that I have explained, to myself, why I may not be getting much attention on my blog- Realijun, I can get to work on the intended post. Being I have already dedicated this post to the why’s, I must say there may be other reasons but I think these are the most prevalent. So be careful with your blog, the name itself can send people running for the hills; or at least to a blog they THINK they can relate to. So if you are reading this, please let me know if you agree that the name may be keeping some away. Or, preferably, leave me a note telling me how cool you think the title is. I will send you a Thank You note.

May God Bless you in all ways.