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I  didn’t feel good,  my back was really working on me, so I made my way,reluctantly, for home just after evening on New Year’s Eve; And as was usual when on my way back from the Lake, I stopped at the small grocery store in town. Then as I walked in, this lady, no; this woman and a little boy were coming up behind me. I noticed the woman snatching the boy’s hand as she scolded him, “bring your G_ _ D_ _ _ a_ _ on.” The woman and child walked by me and as she did I heard part of another statement that said something then, “f___ her.” I instantly thought, “Oh Lord, why? In a public place and with this/her two-year-old?” How much worse would/could the verbal abuse be in private or maybe around the other family members where they lived?

After going in the store I walked past her again at the cold cut cooler, when she once again snatched her child along, as she was, visibly, a bit more upset than I first thought. When she got by me again and took the lead, she said, “God d___ it, that’s a f_ _ _ _ _g shame”. I was at that time 20 to 30 feet away with my facing her back, and I whispered, “it sure is”., I said it at a level where she could have heard it but probably didn’t, and I didn’t care if she did or not. And I spoke out my next thougfht, almost a prayer and ‘especially for him.’

I got to thinking/ praying right there, ‘Lord you know I hate the N-word and always have; also that it can and often does fit with any race/ creed; that if anybody fits that bill for these moments, the behavior and her words, certainly she does. This little woman, who had so suddenly upset me would have been quite pretty if it were not for the angry look on her face and the large chip protruding from her shirt in the shoulder area.. I felt so bad for the child I felt like crying and I would have if I were the crying type. Really, I almost envy the men who can and do cry; I believe it’s like a safety pressure valve, that lets off dangerous pressures inside.

This woman shamelessly showed her disregard for her own child in her disrespect for every one in the store, her disrespect for herself and the child, and especially her disrespect for God! She was obviously displeased about something, as she continued taking it out on the child. No wonder Jesus said,”Suffer (allow) the little children to come unto me” and went on to say, “for such is the kingdom of God.”  Back in the day when I said some bad words, I had enough raising and respect not to talk that way around grown-ups, ladies and children.

You know, it is quite likely she has a terrible life at home, but with her behavior being so uncivilized that I found it hard to sympathize with her; for the most part, this lady had made her own decisions in life and was stuck with them. On the flip-side, I found instant sympathy for her two, three-year-old. What kind of future will this child have? I could see him at the age of 12 being in a gang if there were any around, just to get out of the house, away from home and to escape the abuses he had to endure there. And from what I hear about gangs they treat their members well, much better than their respective families treated them when at home. But, with the wrong examples’ influences I can see the boy by age 15, if he lives to age 15, having learned a lot about ‘street’ life, not ‘home’ life and by then probably knowing what being in jail is like, and maybe even prison.

I almost forgot what I went to into the store for, for worrying about this child, and others like him. Again, I don’t know what kind of stress this lady could’ve been living under at home, but it certainly wasn’t the child’s fault. Or was it, to her? If the woman ( I refuse to call her a lady, just from her language and disrespect) (and this is my opinion, as well as many others) is like hundreds of thousands of women who aren’t married, and seem to be unable to keep a man, but having children; in my mind’s eye, I could also see that she was one of the welfare system’s recipients, and maybe THE THING IS just having babies to increase her check. But along with every increase of her money comes another responsibility that is unwanted. (Keep in mind this was entirely speculation on my part) A shame, really, but that is the hard truth as many live it, that when MANY of these government dependent people have the kids that are their lifeline, then could it be that they also resent them because they want the money, but they wanted it without ties and children are definitely ties PLUS. She can no longer just take off, even for a weekend, even if she could afford to do so. The bar hopping has been all but cut out. The woman that does this type thing can usually get a baby-sitter for one, maybe two children, again, if she can afford it; but she soon finds out that it’s really tough finding someone to keep 3, 4 children, especially if it’s for swapping out favors instead of money. The woman in this case, had she bartered to get babysitting without money being spent, probably couldn’/would not keep her side of the favor swapping deal anyway, and wouldn’t want to. Again, all this I assumed from her bad behavior and terrible language.

These women who have children just so they can live off of the government, no, live off of us tax-payers, should have a little too much pride to do this or at least some self-respect. They should do this the respectful and grown-up way, or the old-fashioned way, the way God intended (take your choice; mine is the latter and I’m not alone in this type thinking) and the big part, the most important, is to wait for sex until you get married (God’s way), start building your lives together and then start planning your having children together. And the most importantt thing, in my book, is to let Jesus into your lives to start with, before the marriage. That way, both partners have an advocate with the Father when they want to pray, when they have problems- He’ll be there for them both. Stats back up Christians as having longer, happier marriages; lives better adapted and better behaved children; they live longer and have much more self-esteem. This paragraph should be a subject all its own, so I won’t go any farther with this- I’ll get off topic too. So…

I wonder if beauty is Really in the eye of the beholder; and if it is, then could there be anyone, besides God, that could find this could-be-attractive ghetto-acting Mom, beautiful? And yes, that’s another assumption that she resides there, in the worse part of town or the projects, when there is a possibility that she lives in a very nice abode. After all,  I know people that are well off financially who have ‘trailer trash’ mouths, who prefer to speak curses rather than blessings. These well-to-do types are the same people that lie, cheat and steal to increase their monetary positions, and who really don’t consider the poor and needy. They show this by their contempt for charities, and the lack of giving to help feed, clothe the poor of this world they live in. There are people here and in other countries that do need help from the government (the tax-payers), not because they keep having children out-of-wedlock, but because of sickness, raising a child with a disability, they become disabled after working many years, etc. For those that live here in the U.S., they should be thankful that they can get some help; thankful to God and people. But those kinds of people are in the minority; it seems that very few are satisfied- the rich want to be richer, the poor want what the rich have, and the middle class are torn between. Bad behavior is not reserved for any particular class of people.

It goes to show there are Real Scrooges in every walk of life. Bad/ wrong decisions early in life are usually the culprit, but hardly any see it this way. The majority want to blame others for their problems in life, even if it comes down, way down, to blaming one’s own children.  I say, ‘good luck with that’, but not really. that life choice will have a hard time and will probably their detriment. Just saying.