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    Over 80% of Americans claim to be Christian. But are they Real Christians, as in practicing the faith everyday? I don’t think so. In polls Americans seldom even recognize God as being number one in their lives, and that’s the kicker. A Real Christian puts God above all else in this world. Even above their spouses. They believe what the original, usually the King James or the New King James version, Bible teaches. Word for word. There is a religion or many religions that are put  into the same arena as Christian, but these depend upon works as being the path or one of the paths to God and Heaven. And that’s the differences in being a Christian and just claiming that title when it’s beneficial somehow. Real Christians don’t depend upon works, or do not try and earn their way to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. And they don’t depend upon just any Bible or a book that replaces the Bible as their guides.

As a fact, Real Christians do not have the religion of Christianity; they, he/she looks to, leans on and prays to God through and by the mediator Jesus Christ, and in His name. These actually have a relationship with Jesus Christ and don’t Really consider what they have with Him as being a religion. Here we find where the 80% drops to around 10% of our population. And with the world changing so rapidly, the technologies we have and own, more people are putting the God of our creation, our lives and the Creator of our rights as human beings, on the back burner in lieu of something elsem in their lives. Or worse, they quit or never Really started putting God first, and then He isn’t even on one of their life’s burners. Herein lies what is the main factor of being/ not being a Real Christian- when God is your everything, your no. 1, and never far from your thoughts. So, when the question arises about being a Christian you should consider whether God is something you hear about sometimes and think that you believe in Him Or does everything in your life revolve around God, having at some known time, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your own personal Saviour for His giving up His life on the cross; to be everyone’s everything. And when God is that much of your life, you have to, Really, communicate or pray to Him Really regularly, desiring above all else to be active as a family member, with God being the only, true Father. God Bless.