Does Writing have Life?


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‘The world breaks people; afterward a few remain broken, the rest become stronger in the broken places’.

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’

‘Only the strong survive’

‘When life beats you down, keep getting back up, w/ your best smile because that shows that life and the devil haven’t taken your courage.’ Capn Richard

I’ve always enjoyed writing, well since I was a teenager and wrote an article on Bigfoot;Wildman of  British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. I did research at the library, checked out newspaper articles, etc. found in the Dewey Decimal System, and got micro-film (fiche?). Most people these days don’t even know what those things are. And, I’ve already told my age thereabouts.

A very few years later, I did a little writing on an old non-electric typewriter. Again, most on this site do not know what a real tap tap zing machine is. Unlike the electric ones, the mechanical version was all hands-on. You had to do real shifts (hold a key down and that raised the whole cartridge up and after a bit got to your finger. It’s a wonder that the old people that did their typing didn’t have severe cases of carpal-tunal syndrome. Maybe, no, they probably did because a lot of the old, gone generation had arthritis in their hands; not just from something like a typewriter, but from all the heavy manual things they had to do with their hands, like handling ice blocks (for the fridge, but that’s where ‘ice-box’ came from, the container that held a block of ice in the top and kept your food fairly fresh for a few days), chopping wood with an axe or hatchet, hauling water from the ‘crick’, turning the handle on the corn sheller (if that’s the right word), hauling feed for the livestock, milking the cow(s), handling hay bails, picking crops such as tobacco, and the worst- picking cotton. Again, most here have no clue.

Well, I came close to sailing off on another course, uncharted, that time. Soon after I started writing, life happened. Marriage, babies that turned into monsters in just 13 years, divorce, work, church, holidays with the family and the preparation for them; not to mention the un-preparation. No time for writing except when I returned to school at 24, at the local Technical Institute which is a Community College now. I had homework to do and rounded up an electric typewriter for myself. Now was the time I regretted taking the typing course in high school; and it was a big thing back then (is it now? It’s called keyboarding now, right?) for anyone leaning toward a business career. And back in the mid-eighties, the first computer courses were offered. Of course, my infinite wisdom told me that craziness would never get off the ground- I still think about giving myself a good swift kick in the rear part of the pants. The ‘craziness’ is alive and well and kicking and doing many things- from good to Really bad and anything in between.

After I got my diploma in Electrical Installation and Maintenance-two years, four nights weekly, life got a hold of me again; and, once again, wearing on me. I was expecting my second child; the first with my new wife. Child support, bills, mortgage on the house I built a couple years earlier, at age 25; one car payment, together they added up and there were no jobs, even for people with trades, like myself. I had to take a job in Charlotte, a 2 hour commute each way and many times we worked 50, 60 hours a week. Charlotte, at the time was booming, and still is to a lesser degree. There was no time for writing, at least for another thirteen years.

I started going back to school, at night, when I was 38 yrs old, part-time, again at night. I was writing again on my brand-new computer with Windows 95, a hard drive that held 2.5 gigs, with a processor, a fast 1.20 mega-hertz that I bought at Sears on sale for $2,600. Two years and two certificates later- one in Information Systems (computer curricula, basically Windows Office), the other in Cisco Networking, I had the PC bug. I wanted to learn more. My desire was to go full-time which was during the day and take Computer Engineering Technology, a degree course. BUT, I was working maintenance by then at a plant a few miles away, and the registration was less than a month away. My wife had already signed up for the Nursing curriculum, and had a problem with my going full-time at the same time, especially because we had a 13 year-old daughter that was tending toward a wild streak; now was the time we had to keep a foot on her. I told her that I was 40 and I may not get a chance to go if I didn’t go now, but there was the other ‘but’; I couldn’t school and work both in the daytime. My wife had already quit her full-time employment and taken a part-time job being that the course she was readying for was a tough one.

Like I told her, my school mood would fall beyond repair after another two years of waiting AND getting older AND I couldn’t go anyway because I had to keep working full-time. The course I wanted to take was even tougher than the nursing one. Without a move of God, there would be no more school for me for two years. Well, it turned out, God did move in my behalf because just two weeks later a second shift production job opened up, one that I had some experience in and no one else had signed up for. After being an electrician in construction and maintenance for 20 years, I was about to change up to a job that was a lot harder than maintenance. I got the job, registered and got into the curriculum I wanted. But be careful what you ask God for, you may get it. That was the toughest 2 years of my whole life and it almost cost me/ us our marriage. There was hardly any time for writing, except the necessary, but less than little for my wife and daughter, except on the weekends and I was dog-tired, plus we had the other kids every other weekend. A danged shame; had to make time to do some writing, but got little love-making.

Even after all the writing I had to do associated with school, I never stopped loving it and, by now I could type over twenty words a minute using 2, 3 fingers. I had taught myself to type, but the wrong way. It has gotten me by and that’s what counts, I suppose. I have written 2, 3 short stories, started another 2 or 3, and had started on a book, my second one. The writings I do have to be true, because I’m not very creative. I love reading fiction, but writing it was beyond me. And, because I have gotten carried away with my writing once again, I will try to slow it up, clean it up. Maybe there’s a way I can make money with my writing, but I need to hone the skills I have. I turned two short stories in to a publisher/editor for critique. And critique he did. Unless I can get a little more creative and get some real feeling into my writings, I’ll never sell anything, at least by his standards. No hard copies.

I have improved the two stories mentioned and did some more writing, but ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away’ as they say (even though it’s not in the Bible worded that way). My 6 year old laptop crashed and burned in January 2010 so badly, the geeks couldn’t get it to run long enough to get a thing from the hard drive. Five, six years of writings, documents of all kinds (even real estate ones), pictures, and music all passed away without my having a chance to say good-bye properly- by backing it all up. AND all the training, the diplomas, certificates, the degree; the typing at twenty or so words a minute, my love for writing, even Humpty-Dumpty’s men could not get one memory back. And unlike people, once a document is lost, it is dead; never to return to neither eternal life nor an eventual second death.

I lost or rather, had someone take one of my writing creations away a few nights ago. I am convinced it is the latter because of the my-point-of view religious topic it was built around. That loss was severe to me because I have lost so much of my life that had meaning. And any writing I do is so very important in that I have invested a lot of thought, some time, wear and tear on my typer and my soul, with a piece of me attached. And when one takes it away, it is lost to me; in all senses of whatever words you put to it it- it’s dead to me and I mourn, really mourn its loss. I feel like it was stolen and done away with, right in front of my eyes, for I had it on 3 browsers and every one went away when and as opened them and before I could publish the simple writing. My property, my blog was destroyed, killed, murdered, like my only brother was 6 years ago, just not as violently. If only people would think before they do any particular hurtful thing; maybe less hurtful acts would be committed and that time may then be used in a more constructive and a more caring-type act would have created something/ anything instead of the not thinking before acting, and the only production is a lack of it. This type of mentality, or lack of it only leads to an escalation of the destruction of things, entities of value of some type.


Where Do We Really Go after Die?


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      Now, don’t get me wrong and make no mistakes about it- I am a child of God; a member of the bridal party that will one day celebrate in Heaven. That is when Jesus comes back and we who are in the family of God will take to the air. If we are dead, we’ll be the first to rise, then they who are alive will meet us in the air. This is the 1st resurrection- the resurrection of the saved.

There will be no second chance at getting right with God. Jesus will destroy/ kill all the rest of the people- the ones that have not accepted that gift of God will die and remain where they fall until 1,000 years have passed.

The Word of god does NOT teach that we will go to Heaven after we die. When we die, being living souls, our very being will die as the breathe of life goes back to God. We will not be looking over our loved ones, that’s a lie that was perpetrated by Satan.

Jesus would have preached on that many times; verbally telling all who would listen (and He had crowds listening) that even though someone’s body died, their soul would go straight to Heaven. BUT, He never preached that. And what about Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead? Lazarus would have been upset to have had to leave Heaven, where God sits on His throne, and where everything is so beautiful. Plus, everyone around him would have been asking him what Heaven was like. But no one did. People got upset when their loved ones, like Lazarus, died because the grave was it until Jesus paid the price of sin for all of us.

Hell, when spoke about in the Bible, usually meant the grave, or the tomb. ‘Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption’. Acts 2:27 – Here the Bible is clearly talking about the grave. Some say this is talking about pergatory, a resting place for believers, but it’s not in the Bible. And if they were to take the souls (bodies) to Heaven, what would happen at the 2nd coming and resurrection? Would Jesus have to paste the soul and glorified body back together during or after the saints rose to meet Him? Of course not.

Many people refer to Jesus’ saving the repentant thief on the cross. The thief’s faith in Jesus was so strong, he wanted Jesus to simply remember him when Jesus got to heaven. ‘And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom’. Acts 24:42. This is where a lot of people and preachers (and when their minds are set/ made up, they will not listen to anything else- they close their minds. But here we have a problem with what Jesus told him.

‘And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise’. Either Jesus told the thief a lie or He meant something else which I disagree with too. Go back and notice the punctuation, the comma after ‘thee’. There was NO punctuation in the original writings; that had to be put in during one of the half dozen translations- from Hebrew to Greek, from Greek to Latin, frfom Latin to German, and from German to many others. NOW, picture the comma here- ‘ I say unto theeTo day, shalt thou be with me’ (in paradise). You see, Jesus DID NOT go to His Father above that day or the next day. Jesus kept the Sabbath even in death and the Sabbath was Saturday!!! For those that know some about the Bible, Jesus showed Himself, to Mary first, on Sunday or Monday- ‘Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.’        So you see, Jesus DID NOT go straight to Heaven, and if any one went straight there, Jesus certainly would have.

In closing this long posting, I want to say that this notion has its good side. For we (and that’s most or all) who have had loved ones die in a sinful predicament, they won’t be going straight to hell. Even when Jesus takes out all the unsaved people- ‘shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:’- they will not be suffering for at least 1,000 years, when the 2nd resurrection occurs, then the judgment. And they won’t suffer for ever; the Bible is full of passages that say they will be destroyed after suffering for a time.

For those of us who die in Christ, we will be dead- no thinking, no floating around, no haunting or giving messages; we will be DEAD until the 1st resurrection. The next thought, the next sight we see after dying will be our taking flight away from this earth where we will live and reign with our Lord and Saviour forever. The only ones promised eternal life are God’s family.

‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’  John 3:16

To Hurt or Not To Hurt, Not your Option


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It’s Bad to Live In Pain

Only people who suffer Real pain can talk about pain. Any others, including people who hurt some once in a while, have no inkling as to what it is to Really hurt. The doctors who treat the pain don’t understand it and sometimes act as if they don’t believe it. Real pain will ruin your life, Run your life and make one wonder why they even put up with life just to suffer so badly on more bad days than good.

On Facebook, you will, or at least I do because I run a Christian Facebook page, see a common post. This post thanks God that he/she woke up yet another day. That they have another day in which to live, enjoy life and be thankful. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for all that God has done for me/ us; for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us. BUT, waking up is not one of them. For me, and I am assuming for many others, it is the worst time of the day and the worst times of suffering I can remember. All the pain meds and muscle relaxers (that allow one to go to sleep) have worn Completely off and it is, on most days, exceedingly excruciating. It’s so bad sometimes that I have asked God why He allowed me, yet again,  to wake from sleep.

I thought that the pain of appendicitis and of diverticulitis was bad, but it no longer compares to what I have to suffer through everyday. This back pain, in two places, is so bad that it has taken my normal life away. I love being out-of-doors, but now-a-days I’m usually stuck to my couch with a pillow and/or an ice pack in my lower to  mid back sections. With the appendicitis and diverticulitis, as bad as the pain was, all I had to do was get my wife to take me to the hospital ( with the diverticulitis, it was doctor visits the first three episodes), receive pain shots, then have operations to correct the problems. Then after a couple of weeks of healing, I was almost brand new again. With many, surgery on the back helps, at least for a few years. But part of mine was congenital, causing my injury in ’89 to be worse and it reduced my surgery options to almost nil. That is- 70% that it’ll make it worse or not help at all AND only 30% that it might help for a few years.

On a Saturday in mid April, this young lady without driver’s license was in the process of running a red light through the open lane, while I was pulling out under a new green light. She hit me so hard, I thought I had broken a couple of ribs and my hip bone, plus I just knew my trail Blazer was totalled. I had been disabled for just a few years from a recurring back injury I received twenty years before. The summer months had been my best ones, until this year. This summer has definitely been my worst regarding back pain. I am writing this three days after the chiropractor gave up and cut me loose.

Generally speaking, I have planted all of it before and at least part of a ¼ acre garden plot every year since being disabled, except this one. This year I haven’t even planted one tomato plant or a pepper plant, nor any cukes. I have been to our lake cabin less this year than any since we’ve bought it. I think that I went more this past winter. I can usually get the / our  acre of grass cut by push mower in 2, 3 days and cut it about 3 times a season. I’ve only cut part, maybe ¼ of it once, then paid someone to finish it. And the work was not really to my liking. It’s not been cut since and the grass in the garden area is over knee high.

Real pain is a life-changer;  the kind that turns your normally great attitude into nothing less than a type of depression. It’ll make an extravert into a severe introvert. An avid church-goer into someone who couldn’t care less about getting ready and going. It’s the getting ready part that’s the worst. Or maybe it’s the trying to keep a good disposition when you feel like telling everyone to go jump, then go home and lay on an ice pack. When in this severe kind of Real pain, one(or at least I don’t) doesn’t feel like having company or putting on any kind of social events. This pain will run your life, cause inactivity, delay or destroy plans; mostly it makes me want to be alone, not to be social, slow down or quit my fav hobby/ sports like gold digging and fishing. That is loss of life to me.

When in Real pain, (I’m going to say we) don’t want to be around people, especially people that feel good. It’s like rubbing it in that they don’t care. And they don’t; at least they don’t care to hear about how bad you feel, and in my opinion, they don’t  Really believe you hurt as bad as you do. It’s probably because they don’t understand it for they’ve never hurt that badly. And some just don’t care.

When I first hurt my back in 1990, the chiro Dr. got me going again in a few weeks, but the pain in my lower back would come back for a visit every year and a half or so. Then the Dr. would have to work on me another 3, 4 weeks and back to good-as-new once again. This went on until 2004, 5. That’s when the problem came back to stay, just as I was warned that it would. Every time I had a visit from the back pain demon, the doctor/ chiropractor would tell me that some day it would come back to stay, that every time someone hurts their back, there’s a 90% chance of it disabling this person.

I do thank God that He allowed me to work on another 15, 16 years after my injury, but it is little consolation when I think of the serious pain I’ve gone thru the last 7 years, and then my back injury/pain was made worse by a young woman of 17 who wasn’t even supposed to be here, much less driving (and they think she was texting too). It doesn’t make me want to side with the Latinos who get here illegally. I forgive her, but if they (she and her 2, 3 riders) had not come here illegally, there would not have been an accident AND my suffering would be much less this summer. Plus I would not be dreading the approach of cold weather nearly as much. That is when I’m going to need God, as never before.

Adults Playing Games, Using a Child’s Feelings as Trophies


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Ricki with a hair band on

Always lookin for the camera

Here I am again talking about the injustice of a child. My little girl. Her real mom and great-grand-mother care nothing for her but they bend over backwards for her big sister. Favoritism at its worst is what these people are about. It matters not a bit that they hurt this little girl to the heart all through the past year, the celebrated queen has come home to add to the lying, scheming intentional hurting. As a matter of my belief and probably fact, I swear (if I swore) that they are doing it on purpose.

Just as I opined before, I’m going to drive the position home that these people, and this includes the real mother’s husband of 3, 4 years, don’t care if they break a little girl’s heart and they’re intentionally doing so. They definitely have no qualms about using a child to get back at a grown-up; namely my wife and me. The real Mother(the queen in her own eyes and the Walters clan), but I’m going to stress NOT the ‘Mom’, likes to think the world revolves around herself. Her grandmother reinforces her beliefs, enabling the mother’s vain behavior. As does the wimpy husband, a black man, fromAfrica, who believes he has the catch of a lifetime in this pretty (only skin deep) woman. He, for the spoken reasons and other reasons unknown and unbelievable to me, lets her run the gammit of anything she desires to do. He Will not speak up against her and therefore is not the man of the house. Now that goes against his and God’s wills because he is a chaplin in the Army, just graduated.  A man of God MUST be the head of his own household and in this, he miserably falls too short.

I am a house-husband who has been disabled for about 7 years. My wife, the ‘Mom’ of the child, but really the grandmother, works as a nurse at a hospital making decent money, twice what I make with G.E. disability and Social Security. But she is not the head of the house and she knows it. We have disagreements, as all married couples do, and she doesn’t always back down, but when it Really comes down to some important issue, I make the final decision(s). And when Betty is wrong, I tell her so. And vice-versa.  But, again, the final say is, usually mine. If I was an Army Chaplain, I wouldn’t have allowed the little strip of a bikini his supposed Christian wife was wearing at the beach- and she was proud of herself in those pictures. They had many more pictures of themselves than of the children- they have two small ones and she has, biologically, two from her first husband, counting the one 8 year-old that we have had since she was 10 months old.

This wish-I-was-queen’s preacher husband will stand before God one day for not standing up to his wife and correcting her. All sins come from one or more of the lusts and/or pride.   15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.  17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever. This wimpy (queen’s) hubby has sold his soul, not for riches, but to have and display his trophy white wife for all the world to see; even allowing her to display much more of her skin, in public, than he knows is right before a righteous God/ our Father.

Now let’s get back to the in justice, cruelty, abuse that this ‘mother’ and ‘grandmother’ have inflicted upon my little girl; probably to get back at me. First they were/ are still mad with me over something trivial. So, these ‘people’ most likely planned how they would hurt this innocent and good-hearted child. Then again, they may have seen the opportunity to hurt her as the situation occurred.

Last week, the couple were to have renewed their vows and all 4 children had a part in it. That much went good, thank God. But, sometime after their wedding, they, with the ‘grandmother’ promised little Ricki a Birthday Party before the week was over down at the beach. The folks had not had the party as of the day before they were to leave. Little Ricki asked about her party several times and got some kind of excuse every time. I had told her not to count on that party; as hard as it was for me to tell her that. They all came home the next day, but their party promise had changed to, “We have 2 gifts for you that we’ll give you when we get home. This was last Thursday. I got Ricki Thurday afternoon and took her to the lake cabin we have. It was soo.. hot that she was having ‘fits’ to go swimming as soon as we got there and after I fixed a cooler with drinks, got towels and sunscreen, snacks, and then unlocked the golf cart. Within an hour of getting to our cabin, we were in the water at the place there called ‘the beach’ because of the white sand they had put down there.

As long as I kept her busy, I didn’t hear anything negative from her. And as of this time I had only heard that they were supposed to give her a birthday party, but since they had not done it, I knew that they most likely would not. We mostly stayed in the water that day, and kept her until the next day when her aunt and uncle, who love her much, picked her up to keep until late Saturday afternoon. Ricki had just spent almost a week with them 2 weeks before.

When I picked her up last Saturday afternoon, early eve, she slept the whole hour home and it was hot, hot outside. Sunday, my back was killing me, so we stayed home from church. For the next 2 days, Ricki talked about her birthday party and on Monday, I told her that she was probably not going to get one. Her feelings are so easy to be hurt, she cried and cried (breaking my heart); but then she started talking about two gifts that her real mother (the queen) and ‘grandmother’ said she had from the beach trip. Even though I knew she wouldn’t get any gifts, I said nothing that day or the next. Saturday night, my wife, Ricki’s Mom called her daughter (the queen) to see about the gifts- she was told that her grandma had them and she would get them. On Monday, Ricki went swimming with the kids at the hotel swimming pool, it was still hot. Ricki and Leann’s aunt Kim wanted to get Leann for a night or two, but we knew Ricki would be crying to go also, so we let Ricki go; and when she asked about her 2 presents, my wife called that night to talk to their ‘mother’, but couldn’t get her to answer so she left a stern message, something like, “E____, you need to get the presents y’all promised Ricki, she’s been crying over them for a while now.”  (BUT, that, I believe was their intention) Well… because they took off for a day trip toAtlantaand did not return our call, we knew they were either mad with us or didn’t have the promised gifts/ probably both.

Because Leann had to be back Tuesday morning, we allowed Ricki to go back with her aunt Kim. As long as she is with Kim and Jimmy, she is happy; and if the gifts show up, that’ll be very good, but it’s Wednesday night when I’m writing this and, once again, we haven’t heard anything from these ‘people’. They all, but ‘grandma’ have to go back toKansastomorrow. It is almost 12 midnight as I am finishing up on ‘Word’ and we have not heard from them at all today.

I know they are around, but I cannot fathom any type of human being that doesn’t mind hurting children, How low is someone that will promise a child a birthday party (late, about a week) days before they have to leave and plan everything but a party. And how about the presents that they told this 8 year-old little girl they had for her? To me, it would take some devil-infested person, like the ‘Legion’ in the Bible, to do a little girl, or boy for that matter, that kind of injustice. How low can you go? Not any lower than these people. Whether they have presents for her (probably not, because it would be worse to have them and let her think for a week that she doesn’t- then again that would be worse, so maybe they had them all along) or not, she hasn’t gotten them and they go home today.

As mad as I was this afternoon, it would not have been good if I happened upon these sorry people. I may have been in jail now; but then, maybe they’d let me do some blogging with my laptop while in there. BUT, there would be some sore heads and asses when I got done- not that it would do any good; but it would give me plenty to pray about, as if I don’t now.

‘Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.’     Romans 12:19 This is the one that keeps me out of  trouble; at least physical, but the spiritual battle rages on. How do people make it without having the Father above to help them along?

Capn Richard

Why is ‘Illegal’ Different / Meaning legal for a Certain Class?


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Why and How Many Illegals commit other Illegal actions??- Because they can!

Now that I have answered the issue in the Title, for the most part, the reasons WHY the illegal aliens commit other illegal actions- crimes for short, I can go on with my story and experience with some illegal Latino immigrants (I’m trying to be politically correct here).

I’m not a racist. I have no ulterior motives against or for the Latinos; but I do have a problem with our letting ANY class of people who have broken the law continue life here in America as if they are just as legal as we citizens (having been born here with a heritage). They are carrying on daily duties as if they’ve done nothing wrong. And to hear those from the far left tell it, the Latino-illegals have done no wrong whatsoever. I was raised and taught that ‘illegal’ means outside the boundaries of being legal and that it’s a crime. I was also taught that any crime should be punishable to the full extent of the law in court. There are many that reside here in the United States who live and act fine and legal because there are multitudes who stand up for them, attempting to bind the hands of the police and any enforcers of law. And it’s working. Most officials behave as if being Latino makes one above the immigration laws.

AND they are farther breaking the law by driving without licenses. Maybe they figure that they can do anything illegal with no repercussions. My summer has been ruined by one 17 year old, maybe texting (because we pay for all their medical aid and food stamps, we give them cell phones too.) while driving. Anyway, she was trying to run the red light by going through the open lane while I was pulling out on the green light. She never attempted to hit the brakes, and burrowed her Chevy Malibu into the front left side of my Trail Blazer, which I love. Neither vehicle was drivable; I got injured when it slammed me against the door. My 7 year old said she wasn’t hurt because she was scared to go to the hospital, but carried a seat belt mark on her side and shoulder for a week. My bruise was almost as large as a basketball on my left side. Once again, this story is to be continued. More to come about my missing a large part of my summer and how these Latinos behaved after the wreck.

Until next time(the next post),

Capn Richard

Why I should have titled this blog- RealLife?


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I named this blog- Realijun, mostly because it was intended to revolve around religion and life and troubles and victories and heart felt life circumstances, good and not-so-good. About real-life histories, personal-as in family trees and histories of grand importance, such as different scenarios that molded the development of our country.

Now after 10, 12 posts I’ve come to the conclusion that I should have named this blog, if I could use the .us, but there is probably already 500 RealLife’s already out there in many variations. It seemed to me that because ‘RealijunI Really thought that would be a good name and draw lots of people that would post right along with my posts. I think that the name Realijun scares a lot of people who are non-Realigious away, almost screaming, because to them that is the last thing they want to hear about and even curiousity won’t override that. And on the other side; the people who are religious are afraid they will read something that may upset their beliefs, even if it’s backed up by the Bible- the Word of God. This genre is so scattered about and so separated from other religions by their own little differences, it is the last thing they want to hear- that their denomination may not have it quite right. These are afraid that if they hear some, even very minor but different translation(s) of the Bible, they might start questioning their own denomination(s). The denomination that they inherited from their Mom, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother then might be in danger, so they don’t even check it out, again even out of curiosity, for fear of being accused of betrayal to their own little cliché.

Once again I’ve written a post, basically, without getting to my intended subject. It seems that while writing, I go a little overboard. Or to the extreme, Really. Now that I have explained, to myself, why I may not be getting much attention on my blog- Realijun, I can get to work on the intended post. Being I have already dedicated this post to the why’s, I must say there may be other reasons but I think these are the most prevalent. So be careful with your blog, the name itself can send people running for the hills; or at least to a blog they THINK they can relate to. So if you are reading this, please let me know if you agree that the name may be keeping some away. Or, preferably, leave me a note telling me how cool you think the title is. I will send you a Thank You note.

May God Bless you in all ways.

America-70-80 PerCent Christian? Get Real!!


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Most Americans claim to be Christian, but one can easily tell the majority of Americans and people in general are plain ‘apostate’. You can do nothing to earn your way into Heaven, nor will you make it by being a ‘good’ person. ‘They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.’ Romans 3:12

There may be many that lay claim to this title, probably because th

ey have been to a local church, belonging to a church where the family has always gone or because they think that being American also means being Christian.  Lately, the majority of people believe that being catholic also means being Christian and that’s just not so. With all that said, true Christianity is the only life to live.  Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never stay away long. The power of the Holy Spirit dealing with you is too strong to resist. Unless you continue to turn His invites down; then you could fall into a reprobate condition and that is not good, at all. This means that the ‘Holy Spirit has quit dealing with you and without AHis pulling at your heart, I believe, you cannot be saved..

In Christianity, it is ‘so simple’ to become one, but can seem to be so very hard to live by, while nothing is farther from the truth. But, like our prez has shown, being a Christian takes much more than just lip service. And there are laws that come from our most high God, that cannot be taken lightly and can prove to be detrimental to your health, here and in the life to come; laws such as marriage being meant to be between ONE man and ONE woman, is a prime example!!. One cannot please God with any other combination. One has got to consider the penalties for going against God and His laws, penalties that must be  seriously considered. Though we must go by His commandments, they do not save us. These are not laws that we or anyone can live with and continue to do our own thing. A person may try and follow these commandments without accepting the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Again, we’re not to try and ‘work’ our way in or even to try any other way than what’s expressed in His holy Word, the Bible. A person may think he can  keep his mortal soul this way, or by following some rituals, and bowing to Idol statues; if so, then he/ she has broken God’s commandments already. And only God can forgive these transgressions, no matter what a local priest may say, or even what the pope himself has written in his holy book.

This subject may need to be expounded upon later to explain, using God’s Word’ how just being a good person and claiming to be ‘Christian’ just isn’t enough. The following may help in some small way, being I’ve only used a small part of the scriptures relevant to our accepting God’s gift of salvation. Please respond with comments if you do not understand why you may not be a Christian, or if you just want to add something.

12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.   Proverbs 14

1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Since He died for u, why not live for him?

2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God
3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

1 John 4

What is Your Religion?


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Be aware or beware, your choice, that this subject may wind up being rather lengthy and the subject is of a sensitive nature. If it starts to get a bit lengthy, I may decide to break it up into two parts- Religion part 1 and part 2. I’ll decide while writing, and also where to cut it off as part 1. As far as being a sensitive subject, it is what it is; and it’s mostly my viewpoint. So don’t get tore up about any group or congregation or religion. I do welcome comments; constructive criticism or supportive posts. Please feel free to do so, but leave out any coarse language (perverse sounding, cursing, and swearing) as it’s my right to disallow it on my blog, plus it shows a lack of vocabulary and learning on your part. I don’t express myself to others in such a way, whether it’s writing or talking to a group of friends. And this is my blog, after all. Hang on, it may get a little bumpy.

What is your religion? Believe it or not everyone has at least one. Many have two or more. Wikipedia defines ‘religion’ partially as ‘a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.[1] Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and human nature’’.  Given this information, religion doesn’t have to be about a ‘Supreme Being’ such as The Father, Jehovah, Yah-Weh, or Yahuah, all being the same (God) but part of a trio/trinity. With all this, so far, in mind, we will assume that most people’s religion does pertain to God. But just saying ‘God’, He can be the before mentioned ‘YahWeh’, America’s and Israel’s God of worship, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph, Allah or it can refer to Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism or Sikhism, India’s leading four religions. The largest populations of the world will lay claim to one or more of these mentioned as their religion, as a whole.

Now Christianity is spreading into many regions of the world that it couldn’t get to just twenty years ago, because of and via the Internet and satellite TV. This has opened many doors in countries for missionaries of more than a few religions, with Christianity undeniably the leader. Americaclaims that 70 – 80 percent of its population is Christian. I disagree totally. For one, Catholicism is counted along with Evangelicals in these censuses. The Catholics freely proclaim that Catholicism is a religion. Religion versus a relationship. Their works save them, in their beliefs, although my Bible says differently. I got saved by accepting Jesus as my Saviour. That His sacrifice on the cross paid the price; did away with animal sacrifice, which was imperfect and put the person in a position where he/she had to work out his/her salvation; it was really hard to live the life that was good enough to please God. Jesus took on all our sins and gave us a way to talk to God. By my Bible, we are ‘saved by grace (of God) through faith’. Faith, as being the main ingredient of the relationship. My relationship with the Father is like many who are Christians; not like the majority who go through the motions of going to church, then don’t think of or acknowledge the Father until the next ritual visit to church. Some of these people claim that they have relationships, but it’s just lip service and they are actually using their ritual of church going to show everyone that they are legit. Some even do community service; again some just for the show of being a good Christian.

That brings us to the Catholics who desire to be counted among the righteous or saved people, the Christians, but they do too many things that are in opposition to God’s Word, the Bible. They practice idol worship as they pray while kneeling to a statue. They are entangled (like most of the main religions) in a web of having to WORK out their salvation. They call their pastors and evangelists, father each one. Unlike the pastors/ bishops of Christianity, the fathers are priests; as in the priests before Jesus came who saw to the worship at the tabernacles and the sacrifices of animals. Catholics pray to and have idolic statues of Mary, Jesus’ earthly mother. And though Mary had other children, sons and daughters, the Catholics claim (contrary to my Bible) that Mary was an immaculate virgin. To them, Mary is the ultimate one, the one that tells God what to do, being Jesus is God in the flesh (which He is), and being God’s mother; so they pray and worship Mary- idolatry. I think I’ll be generous and say that 30% of Americans are Christians, if only by title, and 30% Catholics, again, if only by title. That leaves about half of theUnited   Statesbeing agnostic or atheist or good ole boys and girls. The latter group believe there is a God, the Father, and believe that Jesus is God’s Son, though they don’t practice any religion but maybe partying, good-timing. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and biking could be their religion. Maybe Facebook qualifies as a religion to many; and many it is. Let’s not leave out athletics; those who work out ritualistically or play major league sports- many of these worship the human body so that’s their religion, or one of them. Sex, drugs and rock and roll is definitely a religion that berates and blasphemes God in their words and actions. Wrestling, Nascar fans- could it be that these are their relative religions?

Sad to say, there are people that worship their family members- especially their children. As they are perfect in the parents’ eyes, it becomes idolatry and therefore it’s the parents’ religions until the child grows up and half the time or more, becomes a trouble-maker or takes up drugs as their favorite pastime. Then depression becomes the religion choice of many, with the grown child ruling over the parent; now the parent is not so happy with the god that Mama and Daddy made.

As anyone can see, religions don’t have to be about one worshipping God or a god. It can be worshipping a thing, a way of life, something that would take the place of going to worship, or anything that one can think very highly of. It could be sports for some, a hobby for others, or any kind of activity that one practices on a regular basis- a ritual if you will. That is the key, most times/ ritual/regular duty. The practicing on a regular basis something that one thinks a whole lot of; or better still and more accurately- something that a person cannot live without. Religion for some can be shopping, gambling, involvement with a gang, or some regular meeting to party with friends. I know an individual that cannot go to his lake cabin without bringing his ‘party buds’ with him, male and female. Getting tore up is his religion with them. He thinks that being a ‘good person’ will get him to heaven. I disagree, but I don’t claim to have God and Jesus as my religion. I have a relationship. Now, I may have another activity that some would consider my religion, such as fishing; but it does not take the place of my Father, God, Yah-Weh that dwells above. My God, my Saviour Jesus Christ are never far from my mind. When I catch a nice fish, or just a fish, I usually say, “Thank you, Lord”; And not jokingly, I mean it. I recently hit a small to medium size deer with my Trail Blazer at about 45 MPH, pitched the animal, one of God’s creatures, about 100 feet through the air to the other side of the road, in the ditch. And though I used to hunt and kill deer, I apologized to my Father above for killing one of his, unnecessarily. Seriously. It was probably one that I feed with corn, pretty regularly.

I guess I’ll call it quits on this subject for the time being. I may call this post part 2 later, as I know I have much more to say and maybe I’ll get some comments on this one. Maybe I’ll chase this subject of religion- something for everyone because everyone has, at least, one. For now, I’m done- my wife’s just got home and she can’t seem to stop talking. May –

24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

25 The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

26 The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace-

Numbers 6

It’s a shame these people have no shame!!


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I  didn’t feel good,  my back was really working on me, so I made my way,reluctantly, for home just after evening on New Year’s Eve; And as was usual when on my way back from the Lake, I stopped at the small grocery store in town. Then as I walked in, this lady, no; this woman and a little boy were coming up behind me. I noticed the woman snatching the boy’s hand as she scolded him, “bring your G_ _ D_ _ _ a_ _ on.” The woman and child walked by me and as she did I heard part of another statement that said something then, “f___ her.” I instantly thought, “Oh Lord, why? In a public place and with this/her two-year-old?” How much worse would/could the verbal abuse be in private or maybe around the other family members where they lived?

After going in the store I walked past her again at the cold cut cooler, when she once again snatched her child along, as she was, visibly, a bit more upset than I first thought. When she got by me again and took the lead, she said, “God d___ it, that’s a f_ _ _ _ _g shame”. I was at that time 20 to 30 feet away with my facing her back, and I whispered, “it sure is”., I said it at a level where she could have heard it but probably didn’t, and I didn’t care if she did or not. And I spoke out my next thougfht, almost a prayer and ‘especially for him.’

I got to thinking/ praying right there, ‘Lord you know I hate the N-word and always have; also that it can and often does fit with any race/ creed; that if anybody fits that bill for these moments, the behavior and her words, certainly she does. This little woman, who had so suddenly upset me would have been quite pretty if it were not for the angry look on her face and the large chip protruding from her shirt in the shoulder area.. I felt so bad for the child I felt like crying and I would have if I were the crying type. Really, I almost envy the men who can and do cry; I believe it’s like a safety pressure valve, that lets off dangerous pressures inside.

This woman shamelessly showed her disregard for her own child in her disrespect for every one in the store, her disrespect for herself and the child, and especially her disrespect for God! She was obviously displeased about something, as she continued taking it out on the child. No wonder Jesus said,”Suffer (allow) the little children to come unto me” and went on to say, “for such is the kingdom of God.”  Back in the day when I said some bad words, I had enough raising and respect not to talk that way around grown-ups, ladies and children.

You know, it is quite likely she has a terrible life at home, but with her behavior being so uncivilized that I found it hard to sympathize with her; for the most part, this lady had made her own decisions in life and was stuck with them. On the flip-side, I found instant sympathy for her two, three-year-old. What kind of future will this child have? I could see him at the age of 12 being in a gang if there were any around, just to get out of the house, away from home and to escape the abuses he had to endure there. And from what I hear about gangs they treat their members well, much better than their respective families treated them when at home. But, with the wrong examples’ influences I can see the boy by age 15, if he lives to age 15, having learned a lot about ‘street’ life, not ‘home’ life and by then probably knowing what being in jail is like, and maybe even prison.

I almost forgot what I went to into the store for, for worrying about this child, and others like him. Again, I don’t know what kind of stress this lady could’ve been living under at home, but it certainly wasn’t the child’s fault. Or was it, to her? If the woman ( I refuse to call her a lady, just from her language and disrespect) (and this is my opinion, as well as many others) is like hundreds of thousands of women who aren’t married, and seem to be unable to keep a man, but having children; in my mind’s eye, I could also see that she was one of the welfare system’s recipients, and maybe THE THING IS just having babies to increase her check. But along with every increase of her money comes another responsibility that is unwanted. (Keep in mind this was entirely speculation on my part) A shame, really, but that is the hard truth as many live it, that when MANY of these government dependent people have the kids that are their lifeline, then could it be that they also resent them because they want the money, but they wanted it without ties and children are definitely ties PLUS. She can no longer just take off, even for a weekend, even if she could afford to do so. The bar hopping has been all but cut out. The woman that does this type thing can usually get a baby-sitter for one, maybe two children, again, if she can afford it; but she soon finds out that it’s really tough finding someone to keep 3, 4 children, especially if it’s for swapping out favors instead of money. The woman in this case, had she bartered to get babysitting without money being spent, probably couldn’/would not keep her side of the favor swapping deal anyway, and wouldn’t want to. Again, all this I assumed from her bad behavior and terrible language.

These women who have children just so they can live off of the government, no, live off of us tax-payers, should have a little too much pride to do this or at least some self-respect. They should do this the respectful and grown-up way, or the old-fashioned way, the way God intended (take your choice; mine is the latter and I’m not alone in this type thinking) and the big part, the most important, is to wait for sex until you get married (God’s way), start building your lives together and then start planning your having children together. And the most importantt thing, in my book, is to let Jesus into your lives to start with, before the marriage. That way, both partners have an advocate with the Father when they want to pray, when they have problems- He’ll be there for them both. Stats back up Christians as having longer, happier marriages; lives better adapted and better behaved children; they live longer and have much more self-esteem. This paragraph should be a subject all its own, so I won’t go any farther with this- I’ll get off topic too. So…

I wonder if beauty is Really in the eye of the beholder; and if it is, then could there be anyone, besides God, that could find this could-be-attractive ghetto-acting Mom, beautiful? And yes, that’s another assumption that she resides there, in the worse part of town or the projects, when there is a possibility that she lives in a very nice abode. After all,  I know people that are well off financially who have ‘trailer trash’ mouths, who prefer to speak curses rather than blessings. These well-to-do types are the same people that lie, cheat and steal to increase their monetary positions, and who really don’t consider the poor and needy. They show this by their contempt for charities, and the lack of giving to help feed, clothe the poor of this world they live in. There are people here and in other countries that do need help from the government (the tax-payers), not because they keep having children out-of-wedlock, but because of sickness, raising a child with a disability, they become disabled after working many years, etc. For those that live here in the U.S., they should be thankful that they can get some help; thankful to God and people. But those kinds of people are in the minority; it seems that very few are satisfied- the rich want to be richer, the poor want what the rich have, and the middle class are torn between. Bad behavior is not reserved for any particular class of people.

It goes to show there are Real Scrooges in every walk of life. Bad/ wrong decisions early in life are usually the culprit, but hardly any see it this way. The majority want to blame others for their problems in life, even if it comes down, way down, to blaming one’s own children.  I say, ‘good luck with that’, but not really. that life choice will have a hard time and will probably their detriment. Just saying.